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This electronic application is the first step for placement on Charlotte County's Vendor Listing System
Please read carefully and complete all items.
  • All notifications will be sent via email.
  • Any email contacts entered on the registration will receive all bid notifications relevant to the NIGP codes selected.
  • Any registered email address and the password will retrieve the saved record. The password is defined by the application submitter.
  • All registrations are required to have a Federal id.
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Disaster Assistance
Charlotte County has a disaster assistance program in the event of an emergency, which may require outside assistance.
It is estimated that this emergency assistance could be required for up to eight (8) weeks or until regular contracting procedures could be followed.
In the event your services would be required, response time is very critical. This outside support would be required within twelve (12) hours of notification.
If your firm or agency would like to be included in Disaster Assistance Program, please fill out this section.
I hereby certify that the information supplied herein is correct: (This is a legal signature, please insure all information is accurate.)
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